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3.11 Earthquake
日々のできごと/ Daily life
アジア/ Asia
おでかけ/ Japan
南アジア考古学/SA Arch.


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石器文化研究会 シンポジウム
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Ninja analyse






2011年 07月 31日 ( 2 )


歌舞伎揚げアウトレット_a0186568_20242861.jpg 日曜日は、奥さんのママ友家とブルーベリー狩りに行く予定だったのですがあいにくの雨。しかし一日家にいるわけにも行かないので、とりあえず、ドライブがてらイオンモールむさし村山ミューまでおでかけ。

歌舞伎揚げアウトレット_a0186568_2024535.jpg なかでも息子×2に大人気だったのは、歌舞伎揚げの天乃屋。せんべい、とくに歌舞伎揚げ大好きの2人にとっては夢の国だったようで...朝から騒いでいたせいか、車中ではやばやと昼寝(午前寝?)していたところ、目覚めとともにせんべいの国に到着したので、しばらく、本当の意味で夢見心地なようでした。



 今回は、「特煎 塩ぽん酢味」という新商品(たぶん)がヒットでした。息子1は黒胡麻煎餅、息子2は定番の歌舞伎揚げがお気に入りとのことです。たっぷり試食した上で、たっぷり購入しましたよ。

歌舞伎揚げアウトレット_a0186568_2173840.jpg 歌舞伎揚げ試食中の息子1。

歌舞伎揚げアウトレット_a0186568_2175864.jpg 忍たまを発見!! シネコンが併設されているので、舞台挨拶あんどキャンペーンだったらしいです。主題歌を一緒に歌って、握手してもらって大興奮。
by asiansophia | 2011-07-31 21:12 | おでかけ/ Japan

Fish Market in my town

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_17172798.jpgOur family often come to fish market in our home town on Saturday morning.
Our town is about 50km distant from sea, but whole seller transport fresh fishes every morning except Sunday. So we can take fresh fishes every time we want. The market opens only in morning. For us, it is difficult to come there in weekday. So we come on Saturday.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_17232686.jpgThere're so various fresh fishes in the market. We are always wavering which one we'd better to take...fishes of ocean, coastal, in season, other kind of seafood such as squids, seashells and so on.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_1718865.jpgThese are variety of tuna (Bigeye tuna: Thunnus obesus/ 'Mebachi Maguro' in Japanese). As you know, tuna is so large (around 2-3m). So shops serve them in sliced.
Japanese people loves tuna very much but now almost tunas are faced to threat of extinction...

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_17185236.jpgThese are sliced Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis/ 'Katsuo') in right, and Japanese red seabream (Pagrus major/ 'Madai'). Both of them are also relatively large (around 0.5-2m) so they are served in sliced too. And both of them are very suitable for Sashimi (sliced raw fish usually served with soy sauce and wasabi). We took Skipjack tuna in this time.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_18174358.jpgThis is a Sashimi dish of Skipjack tuna in our dinner, served with chopped tiny leek, grated garlic and ginger, and soy sauce. Of course it is so yummy :D

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_17201874.jpg

Tunas are oceanic fishes. And there're also various coastal fishes. These are Chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus/ 'Masaba'). These are served as marinade ('Sime-saba'), simmering with soy paste (as known as 'Miso'), grilling with salt or dried fish.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_17212134.jpg

These are Japanese flying squid (Todarodes pacificus/ 'Surume ika'). We Japanese like variety of squids too. Fresh squids are suitable for Sashimi. Also we have various recipe for squids: simmering, boiling, grilling, and dried 'Surume ika' is very popular.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_1722137.jpg

This is a Japanese amberjack (Seriola quinqueradiata/ 'Buri'), maybe this is cultivated. Fish cultivation is very major in Japan. Various fishes, seashells and seaweeds are cultivated.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_19304478.jpg
Another coastal fishes are here. Japanese red seabream in right, and Pacific saury (Cololabis saira/ 'Sanma'). Tunas, mackerels and seabremas are living in tropic to temperate zone, but sauries are living in northern cold current.
We have rich marine resources because of both warm and cold current meet off Japan. We can get tropic, temperate and cold zone fishes.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_1931474.jpgLocal fishes are also favorite of Japanese. These are 'Magochi' (Platycephalus sp.). Benthos fish, grown up 30-100cm. Sashimi, simmering and Tempra are good.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_19312495.jpgWe Japanese like seashells too. We have so various seashells...it is continued from 10,000 years ago Jomon Age :)

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_19314929.jpgThese are Japanese rock oyster (Crassostrea nippona/ 'Iwagaki'). This species are now in season.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_17192036.jpgWe also love crabs. These are Horsehair crab (Erimacrus isenbecki/ 'Kegani') from cold north western Pacific. Boiling is popular recipe for them.

Fish Market in my town_a0186568_19322528.jpgThese are fresh water fishes: 'Ayu' (Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis) and Rainbow traut (Oncorhynchus mykiss/ 'Nijimasu'). The latter one is not original species in Japan, but introduced in recent.

These are only very small portion of our menu. We have much various fishes in each regions and seasons. We Japanese have particular gene of fish-eater inherited from our ancestor in Jomon Age.

However now we face to radioactive contamination in ocean...coastal fishery along north-eastern part of Japan are heavily damaged. Accumulation of radioactive contamination through food chain is actually effected to some species. For the moment, high-level contamination seems limited off Fukushima Pref. However we don't know detail of low-doze contamination dispersal into ocean... Not only in sea, but also inland fresh water contamination in and around Fukushima Pref. are another problem. We cannot estimate how affect in total, until now...
by asiansophia | 2011-07-31 20:15 | 日々のできごと/ Daily life